Bathroom for disabledWith our aging population, bathrooms for disabled and elderly people are a big concern. They would like to remain active within their homes, having the ability to live fully and safely while keeping their independence.

Designing any room in a home or commercial space takes a great deal of consideration beginning with who is using the space and the purpose of the space to be designed.

When it comes to bathrooms for disabled and elderly people, there are many considerations.  It is a challenge to create a space which has good function, something that is attractive or beautiful, and a space which is also safe.

Designers are often guilty of not listening carefully to their clients and many fall short, overlooking the desires and main issues that most people want addressed when creating a new kitchen or bathroom. It is the duty of a designer to address immediate and future issues.  Product knowledge is extremely helpful when someone is considering their options for better function, form, esthetics, and safety.

For those who are not of the age or condition to have the same concerns as those who are disabled, it is good to plan ahead.  Whether new construction or remodel, adding reinforcement to a stud wall for future grab bars or shower doors can be good and designing a bathroom that can later be modified for ADA is brilliant!


Michael Ballard

Michael’s Kitchen and Bath Designs LLC